Friday, July 6, 2012


I know this doesn't have anything to do with sewing but I just wanted to say I'm thrilled that my son is home! He has been a missionary in Mongolia for the past two years.

We cheered as he came through the door in the airport...

Of course I gave him the first hug!

Roy took a picture of the rest of us, I wish he was in the picture!

Matt is having trouble speaking English, his grammar seems to have deteriorated, and we are having a lot of laughs at his expense! He said a prayer in Mongolian for us, and it sounded like this: "Mptchkpchtsk..."  Their vowels are all very short, so it sounds like all consonants. We are really enjoying listening to his stories and hearing about  his experiences. I had to laugh the first time he got out of the car he knelt down and started petting the grass!  He said there weren't any lawns there, and if there is grass there is some animal chewing on it!
Welcome home Matt!


  1. How sweet! If you hadn't mentioned it, I was gonna ask about his English - Seems to happen frequently that our native language suffers when we immerse in others! Congrats! I bet you're happy to have your bird back in the nest for a while!

  2. Oh I know that you are one happy woman now that your son is home. Awesome!

  3. Hooray! So happy for you and your family to have him back home.

  4. Welcome Home, Matt. I know that hug was the best one you have had for awhile, huh? So happy for you.

  5. Wow! My daughter was in the Peace Corps for three years, and came home last August 2011. Maybe their paths crossed. She was in Avairheer for the first two years, then with Kiva and PC Leader in Ulaanbaater for the last year.

  6. It is wonderful he is home safely. So glad for you, your son, and your family! Two years is a long time.


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