Sunday, May 6, 2012

Straightening up (at last)

Well, I just couldn't stand it any more.  I really should have taken a before picture, but it was just toooo humiliating! My AQF (amazing quilting friend) somehow manages to keep her sewing room neat even in the middle of huge projects.  I don't know how she does it (what, just put things away when I'm done with them??). If I put things away it might stop the flow of my creative juices!

First I attacked my closet. It will take me a few weeks to totally mess it up again! Someone who shall not be named came over and saw it at it's very worst - that was what inspired me to clean up. Pretty pitiful, I know.

Then I straightened up my fat quarter drawer. It is even kind of organized by color! 

Then I straightened this cupboard where I keep some of the quilts that aren't out right now. Ahhh. OK, so my sewing table is still covered with my current projects, but I did clean up from all the finished ones!


  1. That looks great! Now get sewing! :)

  2. Way to get organized! I am working on that process too.

  3. I think that seeing all that fabric folded up and neatly put away makes me want to make a quilt! Strange how what starts my creative juices flowing stops yours!! (SMILE) Ruth Ann


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