Thursday, March 29, 2012

My new Travel Bag!

I made myself a bag to carry around when we go on a trip next month!!
I may have fallen in love with the pattern because the sample bag was my favorite color - can you guess what that is??  It has all these wonderful pockets. The side that you see above has a zipper pocket and another pocket behind.

On each side there is a large pocket to fit a water bottle or umbrella or phone.  I even bought the cord and cord locks to make it look professional.

The back has a wide pocket, I slipped a magazine in there so you could see how wide it is. I couldn't get a good picture of the inside, but it is divided in half by a large zipper pocket, and there are pockets on both sides of the lining. The whole thing zips shut to keep everything inside safe and sound.

This is a picture of the pattern -- it is great.  If you think it is as wonderful as I do you can get it here.

I used Soft and Stable interfacing for the main parts of the bag.  It really makes it stand up and look good!

I scaled it down so it is 2 inches shorter and narrower - I'm a small person, and the bag was just a little too big for me.

You know how when you make something,  you know every little thing that didn't turn out quite as you wanted?  I love the bag, and will be happy to carry it around and use it... but I will make a few confessions. I did not realize that my fabric was directional!! Arrgh! Now when I look at it I see that I've got things pointing all different directions.

And I bought these cute little purse feet, and some how I didn't get them put on before I sewed in the lining. Now I'm going to have to try to figure out if I can manage to get them on from the outside.  Oh well.  I love my bag anyway!


  1. I saw an article a few days ago and the writer used buttons for the 'feet' on a bag. That might work for you because you can sew them on after the bag is finished. Your bag is lovely.


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