Monday, March 12, 2012

Easy Spring Wreath

OK, OK, I know this doesn't have anything to do with quilting, but I wanted to show you the new wreath I made for my front door!
I don't know why this picture looks crooked, I swear I was holding the camera straight when I took it!  Anyway, this was very easy to make, just make a ribbon loop, stick a pin through it and jab it into a styrofoam wreath form.  Great instructions, huh?  If you want to make one, you will find much better instructions here.

I NEED to have wreaths for my door because, well, I haven't protected my door well when I have had  wreaths up there in the past, and now there are "wreath marks" on the door.  "One of these days" I'll get around to re-painting the door...

Here is another picture (sorry about the shadow, I couldn't get the sun to move!).


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