Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Making a messy sewing room...

I'm making a Quiet Book!  My daughter's little boy is getting to be quite a handful in church, so what do grandmas do?  Go out and spend $60 on things to make a quiet book, and then see some online that they could have bought for $40.  Well, mine is personalized  and made with lots of love, and besides, I'm having a lot of fun in the process.  And, I'm making a big mess...

I know someone who keeps her sewing room clean while she is working on projects (you know who you are!) - I'm not like her in that way.  While I'm working on things I throw thread clippings on the floor, shove things to the side "for now" and just keep piling up the things I need on the end of my table.  Hey, that's one of the great things about having a big table!!  (The pitiful thing about this is that I straightened up before I took this picture!)
It is still a work in progress - still to come are finger puppets, Noah's ark, little street signs and pockets and zippers and snaps and  all kinds of things for little fingers to try.  I'm probably having more fun making this than he ever will playing with it...I don't care, I'm doing it anyway!


  1. My room doesn't look that good on its BEST day! Your book looks adorable!

  2. Very cute! If I made this for him it would not look so great. you are amazing!


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