Saturday, August 13, 2011

Where is this?

I told you about this wonderful store, and I forgot to tell you the name of it! Silly me! I LOVED this store!

Not only do they have amazingly cute things, beautiful Amish quilts and a Quilt Museum, they also sell quilting fabrics for AMAZING PRICES! Wow, what more could you want? Can I please have a store like this in my town? Please? And don't you just love this picture with this Amish woman pulling her wagon? Now, of course, the name of the town is slightly awkward...can you see it on the sign? I think that might be enough to make me live outside the city limits, but I would love to be able to shop at their store regularly! Sigh.

Luckily, this wonderful store has a website that you can get to here. While I was drooling over their prices and beautiful fabrics, they told me about their online store and I realized I have shopped at their web store before! Because of the low prices!! I was thinking that maybe it was older fabric or something, but no, you can find all of the latest fabrics here, often for 6 or 7 dollars a yard! Wow, in my neck of the woods fabric is way more!

Here is something that was in the quilt museum on the wall that I thought was interesting. In my mind I was thinking how I would answer it, and when I opened it up it wasn't what I thought it would be at all. Not that it isn't right, just not what I would have guessed. What do you think makes a good quilter?

These are their answers. You might have to click on this picture to make it bigger so you can read it. Yeah, I can see these answers. I have to agree that these things are important! I was thinking along more ambiguous lines: be patient, eye for color... stuff like that. Their list is good for me, I could improve in many of these areas - maybe all of them.
So, if you are ever in Intercourse, PA you should definitely visit this store! If you can't visit in person, then go and visit their web store!


  1. Jeanna, I left a response on the Janome group, but I wanted to comment here just the same. The machine is very similar to a Husqvarna that had for many years. You guide your work with your left hand and crank the machine with your right hand. Basting and pinning become crucial to having a good product, as you might imagine. And to this day, I still baste everything by hand before I sew it!

    With my machine, you wound the bobbin by setting it up much as you set up a bobbin on the 6600. Then you turned the centre of the crank wheel counterclockwise, which disengaged the feed dogs. Then you started cranking and wound the bobbin that way. Sometimes, you had to guide the thread up and down the spindle of the bobbin to help it wind evenly. Try it and see if it helps. Wanda in Edmonton

  2. The Old Country Store is my favorite store for fabric, especially for batiks! Glad you found it in your travels. I live a few miles from it and use any excuse to shop there.

    The hand crank machine is great! I am tempted to look for one, but I already have two old machine and think I should collect something smaller.


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