Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Quilt Fairy

I am so grateful for the Quilt Fairy. I'm sure you are too, even if you haven't been aware of her. This is what the Quilt Fairy does: she comes and fixes things that you think have a glaring mistake. Haven't you ever put something away, disgusted that you had made a mistake and ruined everything? Then you go back to it later and you can't find that awful mistake, or decide it isn't nearly as noticeable as you thought? That was the Quilt Fairy, hard at work. I have even noticed her work while I am FMQ. While I am on my machine quilting, I make some kind of mistake and I know it will be awful and scream "MISTAKE!!" After I get the quilt out from under my machine I can't find it! I LOVE the Quilt Fairy.

Look closely at this quilt top.

This masterpiece was made by my AQF (amazing quilting friend), Ruth Ann. I first saw it while it was a WIP, and thought is was so beautiful. Then Ruth Ann called me one day, and I remember how she sounded on the phone. She was so upset because she had cut into one of the back ground pieces. She was heartsick that all of that hard work was now ruined. She did her best to fix it up, but was convinced that she would never be able to hang it on the wall, that it would always bother her. She put it up for a little while, and the Quilt Fairy got to work! I can't even find that mistake now, even when I magnify this picture and look at each of the blocks carefully!

This is what Ruth Ann says about it: "This was my winter project last year. It took a long time to figure out color placement. I made several of the dots and flowers multiple times until I got the balance right. I bought two different browns for the border. The first one was too dark. I also had to make all of the stems twice because the first color did not stand out enough. So you can imagine my disappointment when I made a silly mistake I could not fix. I won't say where it is. I learned quite a bit making this one."

I can't wait until she has this all quilted and bound, and if anything still bothers her about it, I would absolutely love to hang it up at my house!!

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