Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Feathers

Experience. I guess that is what I don't have enough of. I love this quilt, but...
I am having some challenges. The back is really cute fabric, mostly pink with some red swirls. The very first thing I decided to quilt was red, I wanted to do some feathers. I usually use the same thread on the top and in the bobbin. I had two big problems here. The first is that my thread matched the fabric too closely.
It was really hard to see where my feathers had been and where they should go! Trying to trace back over parts of the feather was almost impossible. And the feathers themselves are so hard to see, it almost seemed like a waste to be going to the effort to make them... until
I turned the quilt over. Sigh. Now that red thread shows up TOO MUCH!! But mixed into all the red swirls in the design, this looks really strange and, well, awful. Darn. So I switched the bobbin thread to pink so it would blend in better, and for the rest of the quilt I am changing just the top threads to match. Oh well. I should be done in a few more days, then we will see if I need to pick out this feather, or if I will leave it in just for an interesting story, it is on the back, after all.

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