Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singer Featherweight

One of the most useful things I ever inherited! This old Featherweight machine was owned by my mother's Aunt Bette, she left it to my mother. My mother gave it to my sister because my mom thought every woman needs to have a sewing machine!! Well, not my sister. She decided it didn't work and was about to get rid of it, but fortunately I found
out, and rescued it first. Now I take it with me to quilting classes and retreats. I don't want to carry my computerized machine around (it weighs almost 30 lbs!), and this has a handy case. It came with a bunch of wonderful little attachments - but I don't even recognize some of them! I also got a bunch more attachments when I
bought a treadle machine and I have picked some up at garage sales and antique shops. If you recognize any of these I would love to hear about it! I plan to try them all out one of these days and see what they do. Some wonderful member of a Yahoo group I belong to recommended a website here that will be a wonderful help to me
when I start trying them all out. It's so hard to decide - should I finish the projects I am working on or take a break and play with my featherweight machine?

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  1. Do you have a walking foot for it? There is a seller on ebay who sells them for $18.45 and they are made especially for the Featherweight! I bought one for a friend, then bought another one for me!


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