Monday, March 7, 2011

Problem and solution!

I started quilting my Dresden plate wall hanging and discovered a horrible problem! It wasn't there when I was dealing with my blocks, but I guess when I started quilting and pulling the quilt around my machine, I must have pulled just the wrong way. The circle in the middle must have been too close to the edges of the blades of the plate, because the raw edge is pulling out from under the circle!

I was devastated. All that hard work, and now it was ruined. I would never be able to wash it, and if I finished it and hung it on the wall I would always be sure that others were looking at it and noticing that big flaw! Ruth Ann came over with her husband to play games, and I couldn't decide whether I wanted to tell her about this or not, I was embarrassed that I must not have measured correctly when I placed my circles. But, I am a person who always confesses. If it hung on my wall I knew I would probably point it out to people if they didn't notice it... So I took her into my sewing room and showed her. What an amazing quilter she is! She said, "Jeanna, this is not ruined. Just make another circle that is slightly bigger, cut away the old one and applique the new one on, and no one will ever know!" I will have to do it to all four circles, but hey, it is all appliqued by machine and I will use my applique trick! I bet I can do that in 1/2 an hour, and then it will be saved! YIPPEE! Thanks, wonderful friend!!

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  1. How infuriating for you Jeanna, but what a good friend you have in Ruth Ann. Congratulations on getting it sorted. I love Dresden plates but haven't done any, you might have just given me some inspiration!
    Best regards from
    Janet in New Zealand


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