Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ruining my diet...!

We are on vacation right now, and having a wonderful week in Anaheim, California! But, I'm probably gaining back every pound I have lost, Doreen will win again for sure when I check in after I get home, darn it! I'll have to get right back to work for sure! I may even have to exercise!!

One of the things we are having fun doing, is before we left we printed off a picture of Matt's head, life size, and cut it out and mounted it on foam board, with a Popsicle stick to hold it up. As we stand in front of Disneyland landmarks, we make sure we hold Matt's head up into the picture, so it looks like he is here with us! We aren't telling him that is what we are doing, but when we get home we will send him some pictures, and see what he says!

Last week Nicki and Tyler moved away to Connecticut! My heart is breaking. How will it be to have her so far away, and after she has the baby in October (of course I am planning to be there!!) how can I be so far away from my first grandchild? I may have to kidnap that child, just in order to survive, you know.

Well, it's late. I'll write more later. We are enjoying our time at the Happiest place on Earth!!

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