Monday, February 11, 2019

Organizing Fabric on Comic Book Boards

I've been reading about people who organize their fabric this way, and they all swear that it takes up less room. I finally got tired of the way I
had been storing my fabric. I wanted an improvement. I love how neat it looks! I love how at a glance I can see all of my fabric, and easily pull it out and put it back without making a big mess!

Anything that is 2 yards or more I have folded up above. I do have to admit that these are just my quilting fabrics. I have some fabric for clothing in a couple of totes too.

If you like the way this looks and would like to reorganize your stash, I will show you quickly how I did it.  I started with Comic Book boards that I picked up in a game store. This package of 100 boards was about $7. I used two packages.
Spread out your fabric with the fold toward you. Smooth it out as well as you can.

Then take the selvage edge and bring it down to the folded edge. This happens to be just slightly larger than a comic book board.

Now fold some of the fabric over the cardboard and then continue folding and wrapping the fabric around the board.

Some people use pins or rubber bands or some kind of clip to fix the end of the fabric. I actually didn't use anything, I just fold it and slide it into the row of fabric. I didn't quite have enough fabric to fill the second shelf, so I HAD to go and buy a few more lovely lengths of fabric just so I could make sure all the fabric is standing straight up.  :)

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